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Justin Brooke is one of my secret weapons. He’s taught me so much about marketing over the last several years and has been instrumental in my marketing know how. I’m pretty close to him and wanted to have him peel back some of the layers to his inspiring story. We’re talking so inspiring that I believe one day they can make a movie about this guy, I’m that serious.
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3 Lessons Captain America Can Teach You About Believing in Yourself

Captain America is one of my all-time favorite heroes. Why? Because unlike Ironman, who only became a hero after building his suit of armor, or Superman, who was born with superpowers. Captain America started off as a scrawny guy who just wanted to serve his country. He was the little guy, who regardless of how many times he got knocked down, he always got back up. He was a hero on the inside BEFORE he got superpowers, BEFORE he had the ability to effect real change.