What is Twitter? Don't get left behind…

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What is Twitter?

I’m sure you’ve probably read a blog, received an instant messenger, got an invite or something that has to do with Twitter in the last couple months right? You’re also probably wondering, what the heck “Twitter” is and how in the world can anything like that benefit your marketing efforts or internet business blog.

Here’s my Twitter Account:  http://twitter.com/successfool

Well I was the same way. I joined Twitter last year sometime and never really did anything with it. I probably would have used it sooner, but I just didn’t understand it at the time. I didn’t get what it was about or anything. I guess I was preoccupied like a lot of people with other things.

Before I go on, let’s answer the question, “What is Twitter?”

According to Wikipedia, “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send “updates” (or “tweets”; text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter website, via short message service (e.g. on a cell phone), instant messaging, or a third-party application such as Twitterrific or Facebook.

So you can “update” or send “tweets” about anything. You can say good morning to the world, talk about your plans for the day, your travel plans, what you’re cooking, who you’re having lunch with, a blog post you just read or posted, who made you made, who bought you flowers, and end it with a “good night world.”

Twitter is like, Facebook meets, Blogging, meets instant messaging. It really rocks. So whether you wanna connect with old friends, meet new one’s, find out what’s going on in your industry, and learn a lot, Twitter is definitely for you. If you’re someone that doesn’t see the value in networking or market research, I’d probably advise you to stay under your rock and leave Twitter to the cool folks (jk).

My friend Coach Deb told me last week that I “needed” to be on Twitter and how she’s got a couple speaking engagements because of being on Twitter. I took her advice as she’s definitely an expert in social media, hopped on, started connecting with a few people, and started to get a bunch of emails saying, “Person’s Name is now following you on Twitter.” The moment that started to happen, I was hooked. So Twitter, had me at that first email.

So this week, I’m going to be discussing Twitter and how it can benefit you with your Internet Business or online efforts. I’m also going to be interviewing some folks that are on Twitter, why they’re using it? What has come about on it so far? And so on.

So are you on Twitter? What’s your URL? Why are YOU using it?

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish

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Yo! I’m Alejandro Reyes and I’ve been helping entrepreneurs & brands with online marketing & social media for over 10 years and this is where I share guest expert interviews, insights, & inspiration to help you tell your story online so you can change the world. .

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  1. Thanks for this post. I’m like you, just going to get started with Twitter so I really need to learn how to use it (and Pownce).

  2. Congrats for getting hooked on TWitter!

    We’ll have to get you posting some of your Interviews on Twitter to the “Twinterview” category for the new Twitter Handbook site.

    Tweet me on Twitter & we’ll set you up as a contributing author.


  3. I’ve been talking about Twitter since November, and I’m glad you jumped on the bandwagon. Isn’t it fun?

  4. Hey man, glad you listened to Coach Deb on the whole Twitter thing.

    It’s been a great scene and an easy, yet addictive way to drive fresh traffic and business to your business.

    I know it has to mine!

    Have a blessed day brother. Keep up the great work on this site.

    With warm regards,
    Timothy Carter
    The Residual Income Lifestyle

  5. I have hooked it up again cos you told me too! lol

    I guess right now I am listening & learning

  6. I just got on twitter myself, and have found it to be an awesome tool to connect with people in a deeper way that I was already reading and who were reading me. I am hoping to see several good collaborative projects come out of it soon. If you are serious about social media and web 2.0 you NEED to be on Twitter.

    bmtrnavsky on Twitter

  7. When I decided to get serious about using twitter, I did some research. Here’s the result: http://www.thetwitterguide.com
    When people ask me what I get out of twitter, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many stories. That’s why I’m working on more a strategic approach that mixes fun, business, connecting and maybe a few x factors.
    @wiredprworks on twitter.com

  8. I just discovered your site today and I’m happy that I did. There is some irony about me coming across this post.

    Early today, I was on Twitter and my son walks over and out of the blue he says

    “Don’t be a quitter, twitter!”

    Thinking he read it on the screen somewhere I scan the tweets and nothing. Turns out he made it up! Just Classic.

    So I was going to create a post around it, but you have it covered. One has to keep at it (twitter) and give it some time. I liken it to a playground. If you watch children on a playground who never met, inevitably one child walks over to the other and says “Will you be my friend?” in the sweetest voice. Twitter is like the big kids playground. You have to put yourself out there and play nice.


    use to gather and share info (and kill time).

  9. My ultimate goal is using Twitter is to increase the visibility of my coaching business. My more immediate goal, however, is to meet and learn from successful internet marketers – like yourself! I love that I can see what others are doing to share their work with the world.

  10. And now, it turns out you’re nobody if you’re not on twitter (at least according to the song: http://tinyurl.com/6dvzef ;-)

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